Profiles will be updated as characters appear in the story, so in the future anyone that hasn't read the comic shouldn't look at this page because it may contain spoilers.

1st appearance issue 1
Gail is actually the villain for this story. She's impatient, sarcastic, and has a violent streak. She can also be rather cruel when she has to be. She has trust issues, so Anna has been her only close friend for years. She does tend to become a bit of a fumbling moron around girls she likes, however, and can be easily distracted by the prospect of some hot ass.
Her childhood was rough; she grew up in an underfunded orphanage before running away and getting "adopted" into a street gang on the edge of town. She's learned to be tough and merciless when she needs to be to survive, and her anger over the things she's been through has skewed her sense of morality. She restricts what small part of better nature she has to those in her immediate circle of friends.
A freak accident during a "sacred ritual" gives her surprising strength, not to mention a strange little schitzo power that can never seem to decide what it's going to be. She could use her powers for good, become a superhero, and help Amber in the fight for justice and peace...
But what's the fun in that?
Besides, she really really can't stand Amber.

1st appearance issue 1
Anna is one of the very few people whom Gail trusts. She's also one of the only people who isn't intimidated by Gail, but that could be because she can be quite the hardass herself (only, she takes that as a compliment).
She's usually fairly laid-back, taking most things in stride with a dry sense of humor, but when she gets riled up, she usually can make a person regret they ever met her. She doesn't really have any empathy for people she doesn't know, so random strangers that get caught in the crossfire of Gail's exploits don't really bother her. All of this makes her a perfect right-hand gal.
She has a record with the police, so she doesn't always directly participate in Gail's capers, preferring to help from the sidelines to avoid capture. While she relies on Gail to make and carry out the plans, Sean is the only one she trusts completely.

1st appearance issue 1
Will can be kind of a hopeless dork, but he's cute like a little brother, and his heart's in the right place. He's eager to please, but non-confrontational by nature. He tends to rely on others a lot, but he can also be loyal as a golden retriever once you've won him over. He's "totally uncool", but he is Amber's cousin, and she won't allow anyone to mess with him. That's her job.
For most of his life, he's depended on Amber to stick up for him, but with the current upheaval in her life, the roles have been reversed. He worries about her safety and her happiness, though he's never quite sure how to make things better. He's temporarily moved in with Amber to give her a hand-- and to keep an eye on Max, whom he doesn't completely trust.

1st appearance issue 1
In high school Amber was pretty high up on the food chain: popular, pretty, and from a well-to-do family. While very close with her friends, she tended to treat people like crap if she didn't think they were anything important. She still retains the spoiled girl attitude, but she seems to have grown up at least a little bit. She used to talk about Gail behind her back, but recently tends to be a bit more upfront about how much she despises the other girl. She sees most things in terms of purely black and white. It's going to take her a little while to put others' needs before her own in order to be the hero Max expects her to be.
Despite her flaws, she's basically a good person, and has real empathy hidden under her own self-centeredness. She could become a dangerous enemy to Gail if she gets her act together.

1st appearance issue 1
Hillary has been best friends with Amber since middle school. Once she saw how guys fawned all over Amber, she started dressing a bit more daringly, dyed her hair, and became quite the flirt. Though a bit flighty, she's a loyal friend and tends to bring Amber down to earth when the other girl flies off the handle or goes into spoiled brat mode. She'll support Amber no matter what.

1st appearance issue 1
Max is the bodyguard appointed to watch over Amber by the mysterious cloaked men who gave her her powers in the first place. She'll need all the help she can get while she's adjusting to her new-found strength. Until she's more than capable of looking after herself, Max is there to watch her back and be her guide. He's a stoic young man who doesn't talk much, and what he thinks about anybody-- even Amber --is a mystery.
In order to protect her until she comes into her strength, Max was given the gift of regeneration. He heals from almost any injury incredibly quickly. This talent will wane as Amber becomes more self-reliant, however.

1st appearance issue 2
Tabitha is the kind of girl who doesn't really get too much attention. She's pretty, if a little sensitive about her weight, but also shy and a bit of a clutz. Her luck also tends to be pretty bad, as Gail discovers the day they meet. She often finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, making her a bit skittish at times. But despite her usually timid attitude, she turns into a flurrying ball of indignant fury when pushed too far. Not very intimidating, but Gail seems to think it's "cute".
Gail tends to put her on a pedestal, but Tabitha is only human, and can make mistakes just like anyone else. A rocky past with family and relationships makes her clumsy when it comes to affairs of the heart. Her own good nature often sets her at odds with the things she knows Gail gets up to. She has her own reasons for sticking with the gang, however.

1st appearance issue 2
Sean is a friend Gail made back in Robbins; he was the first to help her form their high school pseudo-gang. They also have a bit more personal history, though neither of them let it affect their current friendship. He's older than the others because he flunked a few classes in high school. He's pretty rough around the edges, having grown up practically on the streets. He's tough, strong, and can be pretty damn brutal when his back's to the wall. He's Anna's older brother by adoption, and for all his trash talk and teasing, he is almost violently protective of her, as she is of him. He extends this protective shield over Gail, as well, though he doesn't seem to give a damn about anybody else in their group. If it comes down to his skin or yours, you'd better have remembered to write your will.
Despite all these razor edges, there is a bit of a gentlemen hidden deep inside. He has his own sense of ethics, though he usually chooses to ignore them if it will set him at odds with Gail's plans. As Gail becomes more bold and violent-- especially with the psychotic Jasper egging her on --he begins to grow uncomfortable with how far they'll really go. Though he can be an effective battering ram at times, he has a certain distaste for allowing innocent people to get caught in the crossfire. Anna worries this conscience he usually tries to hide so well could be a problem in the future.

1st appearance issue 2
Rebecca is the cool-headed one on Amber's side. She can come across as harsh and aloof, but that's because she has no patience for stupidity, and doesn't like to waste time. She's intelligent, thinks on her feet, and is able to shout sense into just about anyone. If Hillary's sympathetic demeanor fails at getting Amber to do what she has to, Rebecca is usually able to bully or shame her into thinking for herself and doing the right thing. Despite her sometimes harsh way of dealing with Amber's bouts of self-pity, she is a loyal friend. Amber was there for her when she needed a friend the most, and she'll never forget that. This fierce affection and loyalty, however, often causes her to place Amber's own well-being and happiness above her own.
Her real passion is fashion design; for now she works at a clothing boutique, but she's more than willing to use her skills for other purposes, such as making her own clothes... or a certain reluctant heroine's costume.
She is not convinced Max can be trusted, and isn't sure how she feels about him.

1st appearance issue 4
Jasper was part of the old Robbins gang, but only off-and-on, when he felt bored enough to roll with the others. He came to the school late, like Gail, and his past before then is mostly a mystery to the others. It didn't take long for him to land in prison for murder, not that he seems to have learned his lesson. Giving him a weapon is just asking for trouble.
A certified psychopath, he can't be trusted, and is very much his own man. He's a loose cannon who does what he wants when he wants, and very calmly at that. He holds no respect or affection for the rest of the group, and is highly untrusting of strangers, which puts Tabitha directly into his line of fire. He isn't very verbose, but he's constantly scheming and assessing in his head. No one is very sure what his true motives are, and Gail's strength can only keep him in check for so long...

1st appearance issue 8
Hammond's nephew, and the gang's negotiator. As he mostly plays the role of a bureaucrat, he isn't exactly the most dangerous of Hammond's men. He is often seen accompanying the Coyote, presumably at Hammond's express orders. Whether his job is to keep her in check or there is some other reason behind this is a topic of some debate among the other gang members. His latest assignment is to figure out exactly what Sean and the others are up to.

1st appearance issue 8
The Coyote is Hammond's newest baddest bodyguard. Because of her habit of leaving exactly zero eye witnesses (think total bloody carnage), her identity is widely unknown, even to some members of Hammond's own gang. Everyone assumes the Coyote is a man, a rumor Hammond has not bothered to dispel. He uses her like a battering ram to gain territory, loyalty, and fear, and it's a job she does well.
In some ways she comes across as even more insane than Jasper, though this could be something she is deliberately projecting to unnerve people even more. She seems to enjoy what she does, though she does have her own set of skewed morals. She's usually an oddly cheerful woman, even going so far as to be friendly with those she might have to kill. Her reasons for agreeing to work for Hammond are unknown, and so far Conner is the only one she seems to have connected with in any way.

1st appearance issue 9
Mr. Hammond is the head of what basically amounts to the city's growing mafia, though it's small enough to be called a gang. He likes to think of himself as a gentleman, but underneath the expensive suits and businesslike demeanor, he's just a thug. He clawed his way to his current seat of power by backstabbing, murdering, and stealing, and he won't give up his position or his territory without a fight. He seems to be hell-bent on claiming the entire city for his own, destroying anyone in his path. He's been methodically taking over the underground businesses and wiping out the gangs as he gains strength. Rumored to have a politician or two in his pocket, there's no telling just how far he'll go to get the power he craves. If he comes to see Gail and her team as a threat, things could get nasty.

1st appearance issue 11
Darius holds two dangerous positions in the underworld: leader of the Westside Brutes, and Anna's boyfriend. Most people tend to get a skewed first impression of him. He can be happy ("goofy", as Gail calls it) one second, and absolutely ruthless the next. While Anna assures her overprotective brother and Gail that she is one of the very few people he would never intentionally hurt, he sets off alarm bells regardless. Even his own cousin treads carefully around him when his temper darkens. He deals mostly in drugs and prostitutes, and runs his business out of his uncle's club, the Siren Lounge.
He never graduated high school, but he has plenty of street smarts after years in the gang. If Gail hopes to work with him, she's going to have to pull some fast tricks out of the hat while trying to convince him she's trustworthy at the same time.

1st appearance issue 11
Tony is Darius's cousin, deaf since birth. Since Anna is the only other person in the gang besides Darius who bothered to learn extensive sign language, the two have gotten fairly close. Maybe too close, if their sidelong glances are anything to go off of. He is almost impossible for Gail to read properly, especially since he's pretty much perfected the poker face. No one can say what's really going on in his head.
Unlike Darius, he finished high school, and was actually in the middle of his first year of college before Darius roped him into the Westside Brutes. Mostly he is in charge of bookkeeping, and is there to offer advice to his cousin.

1st appearance issue 12
In a lot of ways, Ben is the person most out of place in Gail's circle of original friends. He's a bit of a coward, and not really interested in killing or wounding anyone; not due to morals, but to squeamishness. He is also at times the most difficult to get along with. He's next to useless when it comes to many physical tasks, he goes after most women with the mindset and raging hormones of a fifteen year old boy, and he tends to act like a jackass most of the time. It doesn't help that he's constantly throwing internet and computer jargon around, much of which no one else in the group understands. His skill with computers is invaluable, however. He's no expert hacker, but he can break down the security of enough systems to be of use to Gail. The threat of being collared by the FBI convinces him to leave college and work with Gail, as he sees her as the only one who can keep the feds off his back.
He has very little empathy for other people. He blames this on too many years spent lurking at 4chan. Sean just thinks his problem is that he's an asshole.

1st appearance issue 13
Marisol is a member of the mysterious Order that gave Gail and Amber their powers. Despite her youth, she is one of the strongest in the Order, both physically and magically. She is usually fairly independent and even-tempered, and is slow to anger. Strangely enough, while she doesn't approve of Gail, she displays no signs of outward malice. To her, Gail is just a mistake that needs to be corrected. She also seems to know Max fairly well.
Her main fault is her overconfidence; she's not used to being beaten, and sometimes takes dangerous risks. Still, she can usually hold her own in a fight-- a fact Gail's allies learn the hard way.

1st appearance issue 17
Javier is another of the city's gang leaders, though he's currently stationed outside the city limits so he can take care of a sick aunt and avoid Hammond. His crew, almost exclusively Hispanic, went with him, setting up shop in a trailer park and conducting their business from there. He was the cousin of the man who took Gail in off the streets, so even if he and Gail don't always like each other, he'll still give her a fair deal, and usually makes sure his people stay off her back... so long as she's not making waves. Cold, calculating, and shrewd, he distrusts most people on principle. In his line of work, it pays to be receptive to possible clients, but a slip-up means federal prison. Even Gail is careful to keep silent about what it is he sells out of his locked sheds.

1st appearance issue 24
Etoya was one of Darius's working girls, but she has a bit more grit to her than many of the others. Once she sets her mind to something, pure stubbornness will usually see her through. Determined to get out from under Darius's heel, she leaps at the chance Anna offers her, though she remains suspicious. She can tell Anna and Sean are hiding something from her-- including the identity of the person truly responsible for Darius's incarceration and her own tentative freedom. She's the de facto leader of the girls who escape Darius's prostitute ring.

1st appearance issue 24
Of all the girls who escaped from Darius, Dee is the most physically capable of taking care of herself. She took kickboxing throughout her teenage years until she injured her knee. Despite the injury, she's still able to go toe-to-toe with an opponent when cornered. The height that made her childhood a nightmare also gives her a psychological edge over those who might otherwise consider pushing her around. This, combined with her big sister personality, tends to cause the girls to unconsciously flock to her during tense situations. Etoya may be the leader, but it's Dee they look to for protection. Her knowledge of fighting and self-defense could prove useful to Gail's group.

1st appearance issue 24
Sue is the last of the girls who ends up going under Gail's protection after escaping Darius. The youngest and shyest of the group, for the moment she's too relieved at being free from a life of prostitution to care what the price tag might be. Despite her terror of violence and her seeming inability to defend herself, she claims to know how to fire a gun-- something she has yet to prove or explain. She's content to follow Etoya's lead, especially if it carries the promise of a normal life some day, where she can forget everything she's been through. Gail's group frightens her, and though she is beginning to hesitantly warm to Sean-- the first man in a long time who hasn't tried to touch or intimidate her --she's still jumpy around him, and terrified out of her wits by Jasper.