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Gail notices something odd

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Author Comments:

amiko_16, March 8th, 2013, 5:39 pm

Gail, why's your head so big in panel 1 ffff *stuffs herself under blankets*


RE: godmoderncommander... plans rarely do XD

RE: king_13... pretty much

RE: krukov... sssort of XD

RE: Almightyra... Well, she'll try XD

RE: comicgirl... She's a better fighter than Max, yeah

RE: sun tzu... Anthony and Darius had guns when she took them on

RE: Hokova... All it took was another near-death experience to make her more cautious >.>;

RE: Spartanc45... So far the only minion she's seen is Ben haha

RE: Calocor... Marisol VS Jasper, now placing bets

RE: Subaru... Yesss, the next issue will be fun~

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User Comments:

Almightyra, March 8th, 2013, 5:46 pm

"Weird what's that red stuff?"
"it's blood gail."
"oh really? i thought blood was gray"

redleaveshavefallen, March 8th, 2013, 8:42 pm

And Jasper is more than happy to oblige.

Things are getting bad. No regeneration means that Jasper can't play rough. interrogation will be hard. I am excited to see what becomes of this. ;u;

RazorD9, March 9th, 2013, 2:31 am

Cut right to it.
As much as a dick Ben is kind of being, does have a point. Hard to smooth things over with Tabs later on. Just what bad guys do.

Frappecinno, March 9th, 2013, 7:18 am

Me thinks she noticed his regeneration isn't up to snuff....or maybe she needed an outlet to vent her frustrations~

Subaru (Guest), March 12th, 2013, 12:21 am

Next issue?! You mean the chapter's gonna end soon?? D:. Wait, what am I sad for, I'll still get to see fight scenes! YAAAY!:D

And didn't Max have some sort of healing factor? Does this have anything to do with his duty-induced invulnerability in relation to his watching over Amber?

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