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amiko_16, April 13th, 2015, 5:10 pm

RE: Sekhmet... hmm I'll keep that in mind before I go see the 2nd one, then, so I know not to go in with high standards XD; Or I'll likely just wait til it hits the $2 theater

RE: Almightyra... haha

RE: Shikome Kido Mi... :D yess

RE: daidaishar... :D thanks~ lol to think I had no plans on developing her much when I first started this comic.. >>;;

RE: Raspbryl... haha not a big amber fan, i take it? XD;

RE: 'Ryn... Completely forgot that was even there o_O Once you click on it, it goes away for good, so I haven't been seeing it. I took the code out last night, so it should be gone now.

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Raspbryl, April 13th, 2015, 8:24 pm

Re: Amiko

She was kinda horrible to Gail based on what she now knows was a lie. and in hindsight almost NONE of this entire story might have happened if she had at the very least left Gail alone.

All this chaos based on a lie and misunderstanding and a horrible twist of fate.

Is she entirely responsible? Hell no - Does she share a very very large chunk of the blame? Hell Yes - and any emotional or physical pain she suffers over her responsibility in the affair is entirely justified.

Butttt to your question - No I don't hate Amber she just needs some painful attitude corrections and a huge perspective shift to be anywhere close to the hero she's supposed to be. The potential is there if she can even for a moment realize what she put Gail through and see everything that spun out of that, Maybe just maybe she can become a better person as a result.... Ya know after the despair and the crying and the - *Sigh* - we're not getting any of that are we? A Rasp can dream...

While I'm dreaming I'd like to dream of an end to this comic- not that I want it to end as such - I'd want to see the world after all this - where Amber and Gail are have finally come to an understanding and have to come together to deal with the real threat. If not what the brotherhood empowered them for than the brotherhood itself.

Might be fun to see where all these characters go after all this is over. A new dynamic and maybe Gail gets to (Reluctantly) play the hero...ZZZzzz...


eh...? wake me when the next page goes up will you? some of this stuff is actually pretty decent....ZZZzzz...

TL;DR You could see this character turn FROM SPACE (You could only have telegraphed it harder if you'd put a moon sized neon sign in orbit.) I'm just glad we're finally getting to it.

PS: Dear Amber - it's because Rebbecca is in love with YOU Dumbass. Wake up and get your head in the fucking game already bitch! Jesus!

PSS: You are free to steal that last line for use in the next page.

Lovingly yours

-- Rasp
Diamond Dust New Media

avian-reader, April 14th, 2015, 1:29 pm

Raspbryl: Re: Amber x Rebecca: I don't really think so to be honest. I think it's far more that Rebecca and Max like each other and Amber is being a clueless Gooseberry.

One character I imagine might well have a crush on her is Hillary. I can't quite pin down where I've gotten that impression from though xD

To be honest, I think Amber is possibly the most developed character so far, in that her character has changed a LOT since her first appearance, and has had to grow up fast. Gail by comparison is developing at a rather slower speed, but nevertheless she seems to be changing, to the chagrin of Anna xD

I agree with Raspbryl that I'd like to see them put aside their differences, but whether that'll actually happen... who knows?

Grace (Guest), April 15th, 2015, 4:01 am

I'm stayin' OUT of all this speculation!

sun tzu, April 15th, 2015, 11:04 pm

Rebecca's romantic tension with Max has been telegraphed for a while. Amber, unwittingly, is the reason it hasn't gone anywhere.

Tre (Guest), April 16th, 2015, 4:29 am

@sun tzu: agreed. It was obvious to everyone else Rebecca likes Max but also knew Amber liked Max too. She must be used to letting Amber take the lead. And so is now pissed because she wants a claim on a guy and who is hogging him without any idea someone else has an interest? Amber. Amber really is her own worst enemy. She is gonna have to mature really quickly or she won't have any friends left before long.

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