» Comics - 25-27 - November 23rd, 2015, 11:52 am

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Author Comments:

amiko_16, November 23rd, 2015, 12:13 pm

She was only shown once, in one panel, but this is the girl Darius cheated on Anna with.


RE: Xylas_Incarnum... :DDD ehehe

RE: RazorD9... oh my god thank you for that horrific mental image

RE: Almightyra... sooon

RE: Grace... heed cats who come bearing noisy advice

RE: Subaru... omG NOOO

RE: Spartanc45... yup, you're right, that's the guy she asked him to tail Amber. For some reason I thought you meant he showed up on that page physically herp derp

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User Comments:

RazorD9, November 23rd, 2015, 8:36 pm

Ah, had a feeling it was her. Had bitch written all over her the first time and still has it this time.

Is it bad that I started cracking up at the last panel for taking what the one girl was saying about a "big job" out of context? Might also be Darius's face too. I don't know, just waiting for the creep to see all the "work" are non-heroes have done.

Subaru (Guest), November 23rd, 2015, 9:34 pm

No Survivors. Jasper killed everyone, in the name of psychopathy.

Oh man, is Anna a bitch..... She has NO idea what's coming.

Xylas_Incarnum, November 24th, 2015, 12:11 am

Is that a knock at the door just now? Someone should go check the door.

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