» Comics - 26-8 - February 19th, 2016, 1:24 pm

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Author Comments:

amiko_16, February 19th, 2016, 1:27 pm

I am officially tired of working 3rd shift omfg.


RE: RazorD9... Tabitha is going to not-so-subtly remind Gail of these helpful tips from time to time XD;

RE: Spartanc45... She'll feel better after a nap :>

RE: Subaru... don't push it, gail

RE: Grace... what what? o_o

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User Comments:

RazorD9, February 20th, 2016, 10:45 am

Look Aaron, a visitor! I am sure that Rosey here will take good care of you.

Subaru (Guest), February 24th, 2016, 12:27 am

........ Would Rosey ever hurt a sick person, or just stick to threats and possibly (very convincing) fake-hurting?

Either way, this should be interesting : o

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