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rebecca's ear is too big in the 3rd panel and i didn't notice til too late oops

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amiko_16, May 12th, 2016, 4:15 pm

I forgot to color her skirt >>;
Poooor 'Becca~

It's my last night at work~ :D EEEE



RE: Subaru... yeah, they're mostly just both friends with Amber, but have never been as close to each other. they're.. friends, but in a more casual way


RE: Aroree... haha she's struggling to tell herself that sometimes XD

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Subaru (Guest), May 12th, 2016, 8:09 pm

Makes sense. I've been in that situation myself, actually :/ . The guy was okay, but we never really clicked? I don't really know what he even thinks of me :/ . I do wish him well though, he's not bad overall.

My prediction for the rest of their convo:

Hillary: "Who else could Max even love BUT Amber?? I'm sure he'll find a way to stay."

Rebecca: "I don't know, Hillary. But he could like, say.... Marisol?? For all we know??"

Hillary: "Don't be silly, Rebecca! Everyone LOVES Amber. EVERYONE!"

Rebecca: "...... (.....I can't believe I'm pausing my game for this crap! Like I CARE who the guy could even like.... at all.... in all seriousness.... and he's leaving anyway, so what does it matter... I don't care.... BECAUSE GAME. YEAH... THAT.)"

RazorD9, May 12th, 2016, 8:50 pm

Ah, with "anyone". Right.

As sound as "anyone's" logic is, from personal experience you are not saving yourself from any kind of pain. Just trading one kind with another with the bonus of that hanging unknown feeling eating at you. Plus, I am sure that Max and "anyone" could keep in touch via internet and maybe some visits and such. I mean I doubt Max or any of the other people associated with saving the world are going to up and leave the city once Amber is good and ready. Gotta cover all your bases and not keep your eggs in one bucket. So at the very least "Anyone" should take the chance of heartbreak with possible fond memories over the pain of what could have been.

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