» Comics - 31-12 - November 15th, 2017, 8:45 pm

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amiko_16, November 15th, 2017, 8:47 pm

RE: RazorD9... just dump the boiling hot coffee on his lap

RE: Xylas_Incarnum... it's an empty bottle to pee in

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User Comments:

Xylas_Incarnum, November 15th, 2017, 9:40 pm

Ah. Close enough then.

Also: critical thinking for the win.

MarioKong, November 16th, 2017, 1:21 am

Meanwhile, Sean's shoe is off on an epic adventure where it learns the true meaning of friendship along with a sassy stiletto and a slow, but well-meaning, rubber boot.

RazorD9, November 16th, 2017, 1:41 am

@MarioKong: Sadly I thought the whole evil cobbler they added near the end was a bit shoehorned.

RazorD9, November 16th, 2017, 2:40 am

Becky is here! Sean had his chance with the good cop, now he faces the rational thinking cop.

lazy!Spartanc45 (Guest), November 17th, 2017, 9:13 am

Maybe they can set up a hostage exchange: Will for Sean's missing shoe! ...And Sean.

@RazorD9: Eh, I liked the evil cobbler. I did feel the clog was a bit too stereotypical, though. I feel like he was more of a token diversity 'character' than an actual shoe. The flip-flop was a good character, though. I really feel like her laid-back attitude helped balance the combat boot's sternness a bit, and that speech about the importance of forgiveness was really heartfelt!

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