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amiko_16, April 11th, 2018, 8:57 pm

End of #32
RE: Spartanc45... max? no, but he suspected she'd be by soon

RE: LightEclipse... dun dun dunnn

RE: Hokova... very nearly XD;

RE: RazorD9... they can all just kiss and make up

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Xylas_Incarnum, April 11th, 2018, 10:06 pm

. . . One moment, I need to go feet Gail her shoes, followed by her socks. . . . or not, depending if she throws Jasper under the proverbial bus in the next page. granted, there's the whole "your minion, your responsibility" response.

Lazy!Spartanc45 (Guest), April 12th, 2018, 8:31 am

No, Jas. He knew Amber was lurking, didn't he?

I love how Gail is taking the Frieza pose while taunting Amber.

RazorD9, April 12th, 2018, 4:00 pm

Wait minute... Was, was that intentional? Is that Amber's catch phrase now or was it unintended? Gasp!

MrocnyZbik (Guest), April 14th, 2018, 1:37 am

Dollar. Okay, Okay. Two.

Rubyfire41, April 16th, 2018, 3:53 pm

Yes... She's going to become a splendid hero. That pun was on point... It brings a tear to my eye...

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