» Comics - 33-2 - April 21st, 2018, 5:42 pm

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Author Comments:

amiko_16, April 21st, 2018, 5:45 pm

Lord, this page was supremely uncooperative for some reason, and I did something I rarely do and put it down and came back to it a day later to redo like 4 panels >_>;


RE: LightEclipse... IT'S STABBIN TIME

RE: MrocnyZbik... he has probably seriously considered filing his teeth down to points at least once in his life

Advertisement, August 20th, 2019, 6:32 pm

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User Comments:

Xylas_Incarnum, April 22nd, 2018, 5:37 am

Justice is relative..... and requires knowledge of all the facts and an impartial and unbiased mindset..... Amber's a bit too green for trying for justice here.

Grace (Guest), April 22nd, 2018, 3:54 pm

i love that "I'll give you justice" look in . . . what is that, panel 2 1/2?

MrocnyZbik (Guest), April 23rd, 2018, 11:37 am

Re: amiko_16... and razor blades in fingers. Go full Joker. Please?

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