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Author Comments:

amiko_16, April 20th, 2008, 6:25 pm

Ufufu~ >:3
One of those pairings that would never happen, but I've been wanting to draw them in at least a semi-sexual way since this comic started (SAD, ISN'T IT?). Gail wants Amber to DIAF, but even she appreciates that bod >XD

I couldn't help myself >>;
I don't think anyone will complain, tho >XD~

EDIT: This is a bit after where we are in the comic, hence certain slight physical changes (such as Gail's longer hair).

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User Comments:

Tiger_Syra, April 20th, 2008, 5:16 pm

I love it!

Azumitaiko, April 20th, 2008, 5:44 pm

OH HELL YES. xD Oh man, I can't believe you actually did this. I laughed so hard, but then I noticed that, damn, this is sexay. :B
No, seriously, this fucking rocks. In your face, people who requested something else. >:B

Kikirini, April 20th, 2008, 6:04 pm

Is this insinuating that if Amber wasn't straight and annoying, Gail would want her? XDD

Sexy, but now I'm wondering...0_o

kay osse, April 20th, 2008, 6:22 pm

omg thats awesome =)

Z0mB3h, April 20th, 2008, 6:30 pm


ClinicallyChaotic, April 20th, 2008, 6:31 pm

Lol, this is surprisingly sexy.

Kokkoii-Matoku, April 20th, 2008, 6:40 pm

You know how great that is??
That's just, Smexy and has me wondering.

Sir Kitsune, April 20th, 2008, 7:08 pm

Suuuure like being straight is really stopping her =w=. Convert her! Bring her to the lesbian side!

angelic_doll, April 21st, 2008, 1:20 pm

nice pic <3

Shane (Guest), April 21st, 2008, 2:59 pm

Damn! Why do those straight girls always have to be sexy! WHY!

Misoka_Bane, April 21st, 2008, 3:09 pm

oh my god...I def. love the way gail looks....I wannt that outfit for sure..and I see nothing wrong with her being psycho, it's where all her charm is =)

nyappyTIRAMISU, April 21st, 2008, 10:53 pm

And once again I am reminded of why I love women~~ :'3

I <3 Gail...

And I <3 Amber's boobs even more... XD

Jude K.A. Boi, April 22nd, 2008, 1:33 pm

This is pretty cool.

Congrats on the 400+ fans!

Avengeli, April 22nd, 2008, 8:47 pm

suh-WEET! <3

dark10, April 26th, 2008, 8:12 am

heh, the things that go on in your head girl...;D

Erin (Guest), June 11th, 2008, 3:16 pm

This totally made me lol, mainly because I suggested this (even though I am catching up), and then what do I see? Nice. I love the dialogue and the predatory look on Gail's face.


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