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Burning human flesh smells like pork.  Mmm bacon...

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Author Comments:

amiko_16, October 9th, 2009, 12:33 am

Jovat's having computer problems, so you'll have to keep dealing with my lazy shading for a little while. >_>;;
Also, sorry the dialogue's kind of lame on this page. I couldn't remember wtf I'd planned on them saying, exactly, so made it up as I was typing it. 8D;;;;;; /idiot

Current vote incentive is a weird/cute chibi thing I did to test out Sai because I couldn't find anything else at the last minute. XD


RE: TheWhiteWabbit92... IT'S A CURSE/GIFT

RE: Nick the Wolf... lolz

RE: black widow... BBQ TIEM

RE: Miya... sexywoman lol XD

RE: acts_of_tekla... thanks :3

RE: Elfangor... Yeah, the unpredictability of her powers actually gives Gail an edge. ...for now >:)

RE: dark kitten... D8 I'm sorry-- it does that for my sister too, as it turns out. I changed where the picture is hosted. Hope it shows up now!

RE: Kikirini... >:) oh yes

RE: Kokkoii-Matoku... Yeah, remember she would talk to her cat and that bird back in the first issues? XD

RE: Berri... Superbitch: -30

RE: Manga-Ka... XDD

RE: Grace... They arreee XD; I keep having to stare at my hand (which is why I usually draw her left hand lol(

RE: tahulover96... aim shit at fan. release. 8D


RE: CaowChaJ... Good thing she doesn't keep all those powers at once XD It would be a pain in the ass just to walk around

RE: Kary... lolol

RE: RazorD9... Then she could drown Amber, at least XD

RE: Wombat... Thanks :3 That anatomy class helped me actually pay attention to more detail in things like hands

RE: alain1609... Because she is teh sex? :3

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User Comments:

Elfangor, October 9th, 2009, 6:20 am

Gail is gonna make the world burn! burn! buuuuurn!
Well, the world or amber, whatever.

Kikirini, October 9th, 2009, 8:25 am

Rargh, yet again the image isn't loading for me. ;_;

Niki Lemonade, October 9th, 2009, 8:45 am

Heh, she's a firebender

I realized I've been reading this and not commenting on it. So yeah. This comic? I love it. <3

tahulover96, October 9th, 2009, 6:31 pm

this is so freaking awesome 8D

dark kitten (Guest), October 10th, 2009, 12:22 pm

TWC works now, YAY!
spazzy sketch, lol. banner for the comic itself on TWC voting gateway is still no show though.

MAN, I love your comics, and I hooked my best friend on the too. xD Keep up the awesome work please!!

Chan Is No Longer a Guest, October 10th, 2009, 8:36 pm

YOU CAN'T BEAT THAT. Come on. That's just.....WELL AWESOME.
Like Ben said. Thisisawesome. XD
God Ben is amusing, and I don't know why.

Flame Lord Kay, October 10th, 2009, 11:31 pm

if she wasnt so sexy i would be inclined to believe she is trying to muscle in on my turf.

Manga-Ka, October 11th, 2009, 2:51 am

Amber is stupid =.=' If Gail got fire, so what that she can't fly, but she might be able to shoot fire at her :'O

ChelseaSaughton, October 11th, 2009, 5:12 pm

Okay, spent the last few days reading this comic - it's 'effin legendary. I love it and I'll be checking for updates every day. I fancy the ass of Gail, obviously. <3 I may think of doing some fanart of her. <3 Keep up the excellent work, m'dear.

ShadowMoon, November 6th, 2011, 7:33 pm

let the barbecue begin!!!!!!

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