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HULK SMASH.  Wait, wrong series.

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for update notifications       mostly video game fangirling and doodles

Author Comments:

amiko_16, July 25th, 2010, 2:10 pm

I decided to temporarily post these in one shot; next time I update, I'll divide them into separate pages. (And will probably end up tweaking Amber then, because that second page is driving me nutsss)

Current vote incentive- doodles of a couple characters from a future project. (If you have trouble seeing those images, temporarily disabling your ad-blocker usually helps.)


RE: constant_boredom... haha thanks, but it's nothing that can be fixed, just weathered through

RE: RazorD9... She just needs to shake it off XD

RE: Hokova... :3

RE: Tessa... Yeah, Gail's lack of sympathy for the masses would make her a shit superhero XD;;

RE: Grace... Thanks :> hahaha Yeah, Marisol seems to have gotten more admirers than I expected XD;

RE: Firan25... Aw~ she just needs practice XD lol

RE: Kikirini... She'll learn the hard way, unfortunately D:

...And since the rest of the comments seem to be a discussion amongst the readers, I'll leave it alone, aside from saying that 1) character development is a beautiful thing, and 2) seriously, while this comic is biased towards Gail, I never wanted readers to feel obligated to hate Amber by default, so it makes me happy to see differing opinions. :)

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User Comments:

RazorD9, July 25th, 2010, 11:56 pm

Woot! Go Amber!
She shook that off pretty quick.

Firan25, July 26th, 2010, 5:32 am

@amiko_16: Practice or no her personality annoys me. (dealing with stuck up people since 1995) If she ever did save me i'd probably punch her in the face afterward...but thats my own opinion...she's a good character for this series and I love every moment when she is just like "wtf? o.O"

Kikirini, July 26th, 2010, 9:06 am

Mmmm, two pages <3 Although yeah, Amber needs some fixing. Aside from the face, that right wrist is so small...

YES CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IS A BEAUTIFUL THING. Which is why I think that when Amber is on equal ground to Gail, people will forget why they ever hated her. :)

Chan Is No Longer a Guest, July 26th, 2010, 5:21 pm


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