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But she's so purdy! D8

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amiko_16, August 6th, 2010, 5:21 pm

I redid the cast page, and there are links on the homepage, now.
Also added some new fanart to the Extras page <3

Current TWC vote incentive is a random sketch of a random guy.
...Er, I think it's a guy >_>;

This comic is one I have a lot of fun doodling. For those of you that like the retarded humor in WSWB, you might like EoN. :>


RE: Xxanime_pupxX... good timing XD You caught the page right after I updated

RE: I.S.P... DO IT.

RE: Pandora130... hahaha It's too tempting to do chibis on every page XD;; I have too much fun with weird expressions


RE: Kikirini... woooo 8D

RE: Misoka_Bane... It might be ^.^; haha It wasn't intentional, but I guess it does look a bit different

RE: Squishyjello... Gail: queen of teh smirk >_>;

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User Comments:

Misoka_Bane, August 6th, 2010, 5:46 pm

wee! I do like it. to be honest it caught me off gaurd at first.but i love the comic and your style so ya!

Slilth91, August 6th, 2010, 7:22 pm

from ur evil fan
hello i have need reading "when she was bad" since the start but finaly got around to posting this... go to google search an typed "peters evil overlords list" and have a terror filled day
P.S. no im not doing the evil laugh... nothing good come of it for me

MayelV, August 7th, 2010, 1:33 pm

I see the use of the seatbelt. I guess safety is everyone's best friend, even villains xD

kaleygeminni, August 7th, 2010, 10:29 pm

i like the perspective of the second to last panel... *jealous* XD

Kikirini, August 9th, 2010, 1:20 pm

If she doesn't want Darius knowing about her powers, why is she talking about it right in front of him? =/

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