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Guest Pages

- By Wark_Ento
- By Koro-chan 1, 2

Art Trades on Tegaki E
(Where I did art for someone and asked for an OC in return, and they decided to do a WSWB character)

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Q & A
(For questions that have been asked, and a few that will probably be asked at some point.)

Q: Is Gail a redhead?
A: Um no o_O; Brunette. Light brown hair; I guess the color brown I used in earlier pages (with colored pencil) was light enough to cause some confusion, though. Oopsie.

Q: Why is it taking so long to get to the lesbian smooches?
A: I like building up relationships from the ground up. Plus, WSWB is supposed to be more about Gail and her rise in "villain-dom" or whatever. The fact that she just happens to be gay isn't the main focus.

Q: What program do you use for the pages?
A: I used Paint Shop Pro 5 for awhile (it was all I had), then eventually moved on to Photoshop CS3. Currently I use a mix of Manga Studio 4 and CS6.

Q: Your art is kinda sucky.
A: That's not a question. But yeah, I know. It took me awhile to have the guts to put my stuff on such a public site like SJ. I'm impatient, and I have like one art class under my belt that I just took recently. If I can't sketch something out in a couple minutes, I get irritable. Plus it's really hard for me to "draw what I see". For now I'm more concerned with telling the story. Plus, the more I draw, the better I get, even if it's in small ways. CC helps. Don't be mean about it, but point it out XD I might know about the flaw already, but I might not. I take CC about as well as most people (it hurts to hear), but a few days later I almost always go "...Dammit, they were right".

Q: ___ could never happen in real life!
A: That's not a question, either. And hush, it's my comic. =p

Q: Why is there so much cussing?
A: I cuss like a sailor, so keeping cursing out of something is difficult for me. Besides, that's real life. Yeah, not everybody cusses. A lot of people do, though. Especially people who grew up like Gail and her friends.

Q: You use Comic Sans. You officially fail at life.
A: I know. Attempt to forgive me. I don't use that font anymore.

Q: If Sean & Anna are siblings by adoption, why isn't Sean's last name Bishops?
A: Sean was adopted by Anna's mother and step-father. So while she has her biological father's last name, Sean has her step-father's.

Q: Why is Amber such a close-minded bitch? She's supposed to be the hero!
A: Because she's not perfect. No one is. One of the reasons I get annoyed with superheroes is because they're all so damn self-righteous and pure and shit. Fuck that. If some everyday girl was given powers, they'd still act like themselves. Or they might think like Gail, and decide to use their powers to look out for number one. Anyway, character development is a wonderful thing.

Q: When do we get to the pr0n??!!1one
A: Uhhh never. Sorry. This isn't a porno comic. Any sex scenes I get to will be kinda... vague... Or censored in some way. You'll see. =p

Q: If there's no hot lesbo sex, what was the point of making Gail gay in the first place?!
A: Well, 1) I FELT LIKE IT
2) There aren't enough lesbian comics online
3) I can relate to her better >XD
4) I thought a female lesbian villain who can kick ass would be cool.

Q: Are you going to redraw the earlier issues?
A: I've seriously thought about it, but if I do, it won't be until I move this comic to its own website. And I won't delete the older pages or stop updating and make everyone wait until I've caught up again. I think that's a douche thing to do.

Q: Is __ going to hook up with __? They ttly should.
A: Some of the future relationships might surprise you.

Q: Are you ever going to explain more about the robed guys?
A: Yes, at some point.

Q: Why do you use such thick lines? Why not thinner ones?
A: Personal preference. No, srsly. With ink, I prefer thick lines. I just like them~ <3

Q: Why is it called WHEN She Was Bad? She IS bad.
A: OHOHO. You'll have to wait and see.

Q: Why don't you update more often?
A: I sometimes write myself into corners or run face-first into writer's block. Keeping the updates down to twice a week gives me plenty of room to plot, adjust, change my mind, and sometimes even create a backlog of pages when I'm on a drawing streak.